UFC fighter Adam Yandiev claims that he was never in debt, and his conflict with Sergei Kharitonov began due to the fact that the heavyweight spread rumors about his debts.

“The truth will always become clear. I never owed anyone but the Almighty and my parents. Remember Sergey, stop there. This was the last interview, this is where we conclude. I personally leave these interviews and the dirt that you pour. This is it is impossible to hear You climbed into the terrible mud.

The whole point of this conflict was that the person had never voiced to me that I owed him, but began to talk about it behind my back. I began to learn from people that I owed Kharitonov. When I asked Sergei: “What do I owe you? When you meet me, tell me this, show me where I should?”, He could not do it. The whole truth is in this, “- said Adam Yandiev in an interview with the YouTube channel Podcast Golitsin Experience.

Let us remind you that Yandiyev also said that something bad could happen to Kharitonov.

Darren Till reveals details of recent injury that forced him to withdraw from the fight

Middleweight contender Darren Till contacted Ariel Helvani the night before and commented on his forced refusal to participate in the fight with Jack Hermansson, which was to take place on December 5.

“Ariel, I just didn’t feel 100 percent ready, didn’t give my knee enough time to fully recover from the fight with Robert. I fought off with Whittaker, took a break for several weeks, so – not surprisingly – I lost my fighting condition. And when I returned to the training hall, I felt fine, I was ready, and I still thought that I was enough … You see, when you have everything in order with your preparation and you can have a five-round fight, then it is difficult to lose shape. a snap of your finger. In general, the camp continues, and discomfort in the knee area begins to appear. In a fight with such an opponent as Jack, you need to go out in your best shape – I decided for myself, and this was the problem – I did not feel ready for the fight.

We had a conversation with the team, where I sit down and say: “Look, I have never withdrawn from fights and this will be the first time.” They ask me: “What do you suggest?” I say: “I would like to go to the fight, but … Like, if I beat Hermansson, then I still have the opportunity to go to the title against Adesanya.” He’s like, “You have to be 100% ready. I don’t think it’s a good idea [to fight injured].” And, to be honest, this was probably the first time I was able to look at such a question through the eyes of a grown-up person: “You know, I agree with you. I think we’d better wait.” So now I will continue to train to the best of my ability and will wait for next year – this, I think, is the best option for me. “