As we previously reported, former UFC lightweight champion American Anthony Pettis has decided not to renew his contract with the organization and is currently a free agent. Scott Cocker, President of Bellator, intends to meet with Anthony to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

“I didn’t know he was a free agent. I am sure that representatives of some organizations have already contacted him, and we will definitely talk. Most often, it all depends on the financial side of the transaction, because there is always a price. The second main point is what kind of fights we can offer a fighter, but here you need to think about how much Pettis is left?

Nevertheless, we will definitely have a conversation with him. We talk to all free agents, whether we sign them or not. So we’ll do it with Pettis too, if my people haven’t done it yet, ”Cocker said.

Paige Vanzant: “I can go back to MMA, but now I really have a passion for fist fighting”

BKFC fighter promoter Paige Vanzant revealed why she chose such a brutal sport.

“For me it was not only a financial issue. Actually, when it came to contract negotiations, I had three or four big players. So I could look at four great proposals.

I think everyone was waiting for me to go to Bellator, because my husband is there. Of course, this aspect intrigued me, I would like to fight in the same organization as him. I guess it made sense from a career standpoint, but the passion inside me wanted me to go into fistfights.

Fist fighting is a sport for the coolest of all the coolest. And I want to show my value here. At the same time, I want to use and improve one of what I think are my best weapons – punch. I don’t know, I can go back to MMA, but now I really have a passion for fistfights, “said Paige Vanzant.