Former UFC champion in two weight categories, Conor McGregor, spoke about the visit of representatives of the US anti-Doping Agency, who visited his yacht on a cruise in the Mediterranean sea.

“What’s up, UFC? USADA representatives arrived on my yacht this morning for testing. I’m retired, guys! But so be it – I let them check it out. I still have everything natural, ” McGregor tweeted.

At the same time, the Irishman noted an offensive statement to his former rival Nate Diaz, with whom he periodically threatens to complete the trilogy.

“Nate Diaz’s fucking rat head,” he added.

Note that USADA representatives visited Conor McGregor at the same time as Dustin Porrier announced that his fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 254 will not take place. It would probably be possible to see some connection here, if there was not so little time left before the numbered event scheduled for October 24.

However, the very fact that McGregor is still in the USADA testing pool and UFC ratings suggests that the Irishman has not actually finished his professional career and expects to return to the octagon in the next six months.

The head of Bellator responded to the UFC President

The head of Bellator responded to the UFC President
The President of Bellator, Scott Coker, reacted to words of Dan white who declared that the competing organization signs only those fighters whom they dismissed from UFC.

“We actually have the best light heavyweight division on the planet, without a doubt,” Coker was quoted as saying by MMAJunkie. “Think about the fighters we have – Phil Davis, Lyoto Machida, Vadim Nemkov. Now Corey Anderson has joined them, and I think Gegard mousasi will eventually go up to light heavyweight, because he told me about it. This group of fighters will form the backbone of a very strong and strong division»

“Ryan Bader, Phil Davis, and anyone else who came from the UFC, they came to us as free agents, not because they were kicked out. This is a lie. The truth is that they were free agents, they wanted to be appreciated, and we offered them a better deal – so they moved to us. These guys are fighting for a reward. They don’t do it for fun. These are athletes of the highest level, and if they are offered the best conditions, why don’t they go to Bellator? And the words that they were kicked out of the UFC, this is a blatant lie»

Recall that the next dialogue in the media between the heads of competing organizations provoked Scott Coker, who said that after the departure of John Jones in the heavyweight division of Bellator can be considered the strongest in the world.