UFC President Dana White has named three fighters for the promotion to be closely watched by MMA fans next year.

“Of course, this is Khamzat. What I like about this guy is that he is ready to fight at least every week. Fighters who are just as good as him and who also say that they want to fight often – so, not all of them are ready to fight him. Add COVID to it all and – done! Everyone asked this weekend why he pulled out of the fight against Edwards. He had the coronavirus. But this guy is a real madman. He tried to go back to the gym and train despite the illness, but, as it seems to me, he started having problems with the lungs. The doctor told him to take a break before returning to the gym. He did not want Khamzat to start training until January.

We also have Kevin Holland. Like Chimaev, this guy is ready to fight all the time. He won five wins in 2020. He’s funny and entertaining. And the third will be Joaquin Buckley, who this year has issued one of the most viral knockouts in UFC history. So I’ll name these three guys, “White said.

Kamil Gadzhiev – about Ismailov’s revenge with Mineev: “The magician said that he is now interested”

The head of the AMC Fight Nights Global promotion Kamil Gadzhiev claims that after the recent fight between Vladimir Mineev and Magomed Ismailov at the Moscow AMC Fight Nights Global: Winter Cup, Magi had a desire to have a revenge.

“There are many disadvantages to fighting, but the plus can be that, as Maga said, he is now interested in him. He now positions himself as a person who decides for himself whether he wants to fight Mineev or not. There is some truth in this. And so he said after this: “I’m interested.” If the fight eventually takes place, then this fight was not in vain.

The three of us did not speak, there was a conversation separately. I just know that they got into the police. I phoned each of them and clarified whether there was a great degree of threat from the law. They calmed me down, that’s all. Everything is fine, now we are talking with each of them about the fight.

The magician solves his questions there, and Vova waits for someone else to attack if Ismailov does not agree. If Maga does not agree, he will probably go to Vasilevsky, “Kamil Hajiyev said in an interview with the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL TV YouTube channel.