The contender for the vacant UFC lightweight title, Daveson Figueredo, who will have to give a rematch to Joseph Benavidez this weekend, is ready to prove that his victory in the previous fight was not accidental.

“My biggest goal is to win the UFC title and bring it home. It will be a dream come true, ” the Brazilian said in an interview before the UFC Fight Night 172 tournament. “Now I have a second chance, and I will not miss the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I am glad that everything is back to normal and that I can fight in Abu Dhabi».

The first bout between the fighters, held on February 29 at UFC Fight Night 169 in Norfolk, ended at the 1:54 mark of the second round with the Brazilian winning by technical knockout. It is possible that the outcome of the match was affected by the clash of the fighters ‘ heads, after which Benavidez’s eye began to pour blood from the cut, and Figueredo took advantage of the opponent’s confusion and struck a blow that put an end to this fight. At the same time, the championship belt remained vacant, as Daveson Figueredo failed the weight race before the title match, showing a weight advantage of more than two pounds.

“I will again knock out Benavidez and prove that the previous victory was not related to my advantage. I know his game and all the possible strategies – he just doesn’t have a chance. Benavidez is a very persistent fighter, and he knows how to keep the pace, but this time I am more familiar with his game, so there is nothing good waiting for him in the stand. He is the only one who should be concerned in the run-up to this match. I changed some things, but the basic plan remains the same – I will knock him out or finish with a submissive»

“This will mean that my dreams have come true, and that I have achieved everything I wanted. It’s not just my dream – it’s the dream of my parents, my family and teammates. We will celebrate the victory and thank the Lord for this great achievement».