Two days before the UFC on ESPN 10 tournament in Las Vegas, the organization’s debutant Gustavo Lopez agreed to replace the eliminated ray Borg in a fight against Merab Dvalishvili.

The replacement was officially announced by UFC representatives. Since Lopez accepts the fight on short notice, the bout will not take place in the lightweight division, but in the intermediate weight category up to 140 pounds.

As for the former contender for the UFC lightweight title, ray Borg, he made it clear that the refusal to fight is related to the health of his son. 29-year-old Merab Dvalishvili leads a series of three victories under the UFC banner, winning by unanimous decisions against Tyrrion Vair, brad Katona and Casey Kinney.

30-year-old Gustavo Lopez had his last fight under the Combate Americas banner, knocking out Joey Ruket in the first round.

Peter Jan: “I didn’t come to take away Aldo’s bread, he’s coming to me»

A contender for the vacant UFC lightweight championship belt, Peter Yan, representing the Russian club Archangel Mikhail, shared his expectations for the upcoming fight with the legendary Brazilian fighter Jose Aldo, which will take place on July 11 at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi.

— The last time you went to the cage was in December.” Any concerns about this?

— I have already had intervals of several months, but I do not see any problems in this. If you train, it’s not a problem. There are examples when guys don’t fight for two years, go out and have great fights. It’s all in the head.

— Did you realize that you are one step away from your dream?

— Yes, I slowly realize that the contract is signed, that the fight has already been announced. Now we hope that all participants will be able to get to the venue of the tournament.

— You will fight on the island. Don’t you worry that there won’t be the necessary infrastructure?

— There is absolutely everything on this island. Formula 1 races were held there. Everything will be at the highest level, as well as everything that takes place in the Emirates. But we don’t really need anything, as long as we have somewhere to study. We can even train outside.

— Is it a problem to perform without an audience?

— While I can’t say what it feels like, I’ll tell you after the fight. I see my goal — I see my goal and I don’t want to think about anything else. Whether the room is full or empty, it doesn’t matter.

  • Sterling has already been named the next contender for the title. Not upset that the fight will be with Aldo, and not with him?

— For me, Aldo is more dangerous in all components than sterling or any other contender. I agreed to this fight without any hesitation. This is a great challenge, an opportunity to Express yourself. Fighting Aldo is one of the higher stages.

— In 2016, you got to the UFC tournament, because Aldo gave you tickets to the tournament. You can say that he infected you with the UFC.

— I wouldn’t say that it was he who infected me with UFC. This is my job. I had a goal to take the ACB belt and conduct a defense, because we were already thinking about the UFC. It is clear that when you train with a person, you only have a positive attitude towards them. But again, I did not come to his weight, I did not come to take away his bread, he comes to me. I would say that this fight is purely a sporting interest. After that, we’ll shake hands, everything will be fine.

— Do you think Sehudo will come back?”

— He’s already gone, everything is clear, the belt is vacant. I would agree to fight with him. Probably, this fight could be called principled. I think that if he came back, I would have a fight with him if he didn’t run away from me again.