UFC veteran Yoel Romero and Bellator have reached an agreement and will soon sign a multi-fight deal, espn.com reports, citing sources. It is reported that the debut in the company will take place in the light heavyweight category, where the champion is Russian Vadim Nemkov. At the time of his departure from the UFC two weeks ago, Romero was ranked fifth in the middleweight division.

Romero’s manager Malki Kava clarified that he is already treating the agreement as a formal deal, and he will fight in three divisions. “Coming soon to my podcast. Stories like this Romero deal will be told, ”Kava tweeted. 185, 205 pounds and heavy. “

Gilbert Burns challenged Nate Diaz to a grappling match for $ 400,000 for talking about Khabib Nurmagomedov

UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns explained his reasons for challenging Nate Dees to a grappling competition. On his youtube channel, Burns revealed the details of the match that could have taken place on December 20 at Chel Sonnen’s SUG grappling promotion.

“A few weeks ago, I asked Nate Diaz to fight. Firstly, because I’ve always wanted to fight him. Secondly, because he talks a lot. He posted a video clip from one of my fights where I lost. Fight with Dan Hooker. Now he is out of ratings, and I am fighting for the champion title. So we are unlikely to meet in battle. So I suggested grappling. I wrote to Chel Sonnen, he supported. Then I published the offer: I bet 200 thousand, he bets 200 thousand, the winner takes everything. But I did not hear a sound from him in response.

I want to fight him, he talks so much that he is the representative of jiu-jitsu. There is one more thing that makes me very angry. Khabib Nurmagomedov has a very high level of grappling. He forced many to surrender. He has a fight. Opponent control is one of the best. The takedowns are also very good, but mostly around the net. I don’t consider him a white belt at all, and Nate tweeted something like “he only makes white belts surrender, he is not a black belt.” Something like that. This is another reason why I want to beat Nate Diaz in a grappling match. In MMA I would also like to.

Another thing is that I have already beaten his friends: Crona Gracie, Jake Shields. It would be great if he showed his jiu-jitsu. People think he has a very high level, the fans believe in him. It would be nice to smudge it.

At that time, I had no fight scheduled. Now I have a fight for the title planned, and I am focused on it. But I will definitely see Nate Diaz again. And something can happen “.