The President of UFC, Dana white, commented on the information about the unsuccessful conclusion of negotiations on a likely fight between the current UFC light heavyweight champion, John Jones, and the second number of the organization’s heavy division, Francis Ngannou.

“Jon Jones vs Francis Ngandu? Obviously, this is a fight that people would like to see, and these guys have already said a lot to each other, but I don’t think it will happen. I don’t see that this fight will become a reality,” ESPN quotes the head of the UFC as saying.

Earlier, Jon Jones reported that he changed his mind about switching to heavyweight, because the organization offered him a standard fee for a fight with Francis Ngannou, refusing to pay the world’s best fighter for a fight against the most dangerous heavyweight of the UFC.

Francis Ngandu: “Cormier for me a more difficult challenge than Miocic»

The second number of the UFC heavyweight rating, Francis Ngannou, supports the idea of Daniel Cormier to deprive Stipe Miocic of the title and play the vacant championship belt in a duel between them.

“I think the UFC needs to do something and organize a title fight,” the Cameroonian said in an interview “I don’t know when the pandemic will end. No disrespect to Stipe, because he is a worthy champion, but the division must move on. The division can no longer be held back, so the UFC must do everything that is necessary. It’s been almost a year since the last title fight, and who knows when the next one will take place if nothing is done”

According to “Predator”, he considers the fight with Daniel Cormier a more serious challenge than the rematch with Stipe Miocic.

“First of all, I will be happy to fight with Cormier. He wanted to finish the trilogy with Miocic and retire, so there was no point in me calling him out, but since he came out and said he wanted to fight me, it would be an honor for me to have this fight. And I’ll walk out of the octagon with my hand up»

“To be honest, I am more confident in a rematch with Stipe than in a fight against Cormier. I think Cormier is a more difficult challenge for me than Miocic. I had a fight with Stipe and he couldn’t get me to finish. If it had been D. C., He would have killed me. I was exhausted, I couldn’t move, but Stipe couldn’t finish me. If I fight Stipe again, I will beat him, because now I have more knowledge and skills”

Recall that at the moment, 33-year-old Francis Ngannou leads a series of four wins by knockouts in the first rounds, spending less than three minutes on all opponents.