Jon Jones ‘ demonstration on removing paint cans from teenagers so inspired the UFC President that he is ready to send the organization’s fighters to restore order on the streets of American cities.

This was announced by Dana white in the next issue of the podcast ” Steve-O’s Wild Ride!”.

“Did you see how Jon Jones appeared on the streets of Albuquerque at night and took away cans of paint from teenagers?”, – said the head of the organization. “I think the kids peed their pants. I wonder if I should send the other guys to clean up the streets and stop this mess».

Recall that the cause of large-scale mass riots in the United States was the death of 46-year-old black resident of Minneapolis George Floyd, who died of suffocation during police custody.

Vanderlei Silva was hit by a car

MMA legend Vanderlei Silva was injured when his bike collided with a car.

The accident occurred on Wednesday evening in Curitiba, Brazil. According to the Brazilian, who escaped with a broken leg and numerous abrasions, his life was saved by a helmet.

“I could have died if I hadn’t put on a helmet,” the Brazilian newspaper Tribune quoted the “ax Murderer” as saying. “People should be careful in such traffic. It is now very dangerous to ride a Bicycle in Curitiba»

“The driver who hit me stopped and put me in his car. Other people stopped to help me, too. It made me rethink my life. If you ride a Bicycle, use a helmet, because it can save your life».

Note that in 2016, Vanderlei Silva was already involved in a Bicycle accident, but then the driver fled the scene of the accident.

43-year-old Vanderlei Silva had his last fight in mixed martial arts in September 2018, losing by technical knockout to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at the Bellator 206 tournament in San Jose. Last fall, the UFC and PRIDE veteran signed a contract with the BKFC organization specializing in fisticuffs, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the legendary Brazilian did not have time to make his debut under the organization’s banner.