Curtis Blaydes sees no point in fighting Jones unless he is offered a large fee

UFC top heavyweight Curtis Blaydes says he has no plans to fight former light heavyweight champion John Jones. At least until the management of the promotion offers him a generous fee.

“No, I will not fight Jones. If I win the fight against Derrick Lewis, I want to get a title chance. I am not going to become cannon fodder so that someone can raise their reputation. I have already built a reputation for myself and I believe that deserved the title fight.

It seems to me that I shouldn’t accept this fight if I don’t need it. I will not fight Jones to prove that I deserve the title fight. This is funny.

Let’s talk about money. I’m not going to fight Jones for two hundred pieces, this is some kind of joke. I think many people forget that we are paid our fees, regardless of the name of the opponent. So I don’t have to fight Jones to make my 200,000. I can fight the bag and get the same amount. If I fight John, I want money, “said Blades.

Charles Oliveira promised to end the war in a duel with Ferguson

Brazilian lightweight Charles Oliveira (29-8 MMA, 17-8 UFC) is poised to take his career to the next level when he shares the octagon with Tony Ferguson (25-4 MMA, 15-2 UFC) at the upcoming UFC 256 , which will take place on December 12th.

“I accepted this fight on a 20-day notice, but for me this is a chance to demonstrate my talent, and to show that I am ready to fight any fighter from the top 5, which I have already said many times in the past,” the website quotes Oliveira. – “My time has come. On December 12th, I shock the world.

I expect this fight to be a real war, because we are both good in stance and on the ground. We both like to fight and we both put pressure on our opponents. Fans can rest assured that they are in for a war in the Octagon, but they also need to know that when this is over, it will be my hand that will be raised. This is my moment. I have a lot of respect for Ferguson: he is a fantastic fighter, but now my time has come. “

Adam Yandiev: “I never owed anyone but the Most High and my parents”

UFC fighter Adam Yandiev claims that he was never in debt, and his conflict with Sergei Kharitonov began due to the fact that the heavyweight spread rumors about his debts.

“The truth will always become clear. I never owed anyone but the Almighty and my parents. Remember Sergey, stop there. This was the last interview, this is where we conclude. I personally leave these interviews and the dirt that you pour. This is it is impossible to hear You climbed into the terrible mud.

The whole point of this conflict was that the person had never voiced to me that I owed him, but began to talk about it behind my back. I began to learn from people that I owed Kharitonov. When I asked Sergei: “What do I owe you? When you meet me, tell me this, show me where I should?”, He could not do it. The whole truth is in this, “- said Adam Yandiev in an interview with the YouTube channel Podcast Golitsin Experience.

Let us remind you that Yandiyev also said that something bad could happen to Kharitonov.

Darren Till reveals details of recent injury that forced him to withdraw from the fight

Middleweight contender Darren Till contacted Ariel Helvani the night before and commented on his forced refusal to participate in the fight with Jack Hermansson, which was to take place on December 5.

“Ariel, I just didn’t feel 100 percent ready, didn’t give my knee enough time to fully recover from the fight with Robert. I fought off with Whittaker, took a break for several weeks, so – not surprisingly – I lost my fighting condition. And when I returned to the training hall, I felt fine, I was ready, and I still thought that I was enough … You see, when you have everything in order with your preparation and you can have a five-round fight, then it is difficult to lose shape. a snap of your finger. In general, the camp continues, and discomfort in the knee area begins to appear. In a fight with such an opponent as Jack, you need to go out in your best shape – I decided for myself, and this was the problem – I did not feel ready for the fight.

We had a conversation with the team, where I sit down and say: “Look, I have never withdrawn from fights and this will be the first time.” They ask me: “What do you suggest?” I say: “I would like to go to the fight, but … Like, if I beat Hermansson, then I still have the opportunity to go to the title against Adesanya.” He’s like, “You have to be 100% ready. I don’t think it’s a good idea [to fight injured].” And, to be honest, this was probably the first time I was able to look at such a question through the eyes of a grown-up person: “You know, I agree with you. I think we’d better wait.” So now I will continue to train to the best of my ability and will wait for next year – this, I think, is the best option for me. “

Rafael Dos Anjos explains why he challenged Michael Chandler

Former UFC lightweight champion Brazilian Rafael Dos Anjos explained why he challenged American Michael Chandler after it became known that Russian Islam Makhachev would not be able to fight him.

“I looked through the ratings and looked for options that made sense. Chandler only made weight two weeks ago to replace him in the fight between Nurmagomedov and Gaetji, but he never got a chance to fight. In addition, Michael constantly uploads videos that he trains and keeps himself in shape. So he’s the guy that first came to my mind. I offered him to fight, but he refused, saying that he had other plans, ”said Dos Anjos.

Recall that Makhachev was forced to abandon the fight with Dos Anjos due to staphylococcus infection. As a result, American Paul Felder took the fight on short notice. The rivals will split the octagon on November 14th at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA in the main event of UFC Fight Night 182.

Paul Felder may end his career if he defeated Rafael Dos Anjos

American mixed martial arts fighter Paul Felder may retire after a fight with ex-UFC lightweight champion Brazilian Rafael Dos Anjos.

“I can say that the odds are 50-50 here. I thought about it. The odds will probably increase if I win this fight. If I fail, I will most likely want to return to the octagon again. I will again have remorse, like after the fight with Hooker, and I want to prove that I can do more, ”said Felder.

Still, Paul does not rule out the option that after winning this fight he will continue to compete, only in this case he will agree to a fight with an opponent from the top five of the lightweight division rating.

“I understand that I am coming to the end of my career. Therefore, the fight with Dos Anjos is a win-win option for me. If I finish the former champion then it puts me in a good position. I will be able to take part in big fights with opponents from the top five in our division, who previously dodged me, ”added Paul.

Recall that the fight between Rafael Dos Anjos and Paul Felder will be the main event of UFC Fight Night 182, which will take place on November 14 at the UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas, USA.

Santiago Ponzinibbio promises to knock out Colby Covington

Argentine welterweight Santiago Ponzinibbio, who has lost his place in the UFC rankings due to prolonged inactivity, is ready to return and loudly declare himself by knocking out his former teammate Colby Covington, who occupies the first line in the division.

“We were never friends – I trained with him, but we didn’t have a friendship,” Ponzinibbio said in an interview with MMA Junkie. “I have nothing against him personally, but we have never been friends. We crossed paths several times in training because we had one coach, Mike Brown, who sometimes brought us together. “

“This is my job and I look at it like a professional. I think Covington is a great athlete. He is the leader of the division, and this fight is interesting to me. He suits me well as an opponent and I am confident that I will knock him out and win the fight. I am definitely very interested in this fight. “

The 34-year-old Argentinian last entered the cage two years ago, knocking out Neil Magney in the fourth round. Ponzinibbio was scheduled to return to the Octagon at UFC 245 in Las Vegas against Robbie Lawler, however, the welterweight was forced to withdraw from the numbered event due to a staphylococcus infection.

Valentina Shevchenko plans to complete the trilogy with Amanda Nunes

Reigning UFC flyweight titleholder Valentina Shevchenko is confident that her third fight against UFC double champion Amanda Nunes is logical and inevitable.

“I think it would be logical,” said Bullet in an interview with Hablemos MMA. “She very easily passes all rivals, and I think that in the future it would be logical to have a third fight, because I did not lose the second fight. I won it “

“Now it will be a super fight, champion versus champion, and the judges will judge it differently. Three years ago, she won a takedown in the fifth round, and she did not even initiate it. It was the result of my actions. It was the last round, we were both slippery, she was heavier, and so I ended up at the bottom, although I had to take a position on top. “

“This is the only thing that gave her a slight edge in the eyes of the judges that evening, but given how it ended, it would be logical to have a third fight between us.”

Shevchenko is currently gearing up to defend her title against Jennifer Maya, who will fight on November 21 at UFC 255 in Las Vegas, and hopes that by the time the third fight with Nunes becomes a reality, fans will be allowed to return to the stands.

“I don’t know when the fight with Nunes will take place, because now I am focused on my weight class. I want to dominate and defend my belt over and over, but I hope that by the time our fight with Amanda becomes a reality, the fans will be back in the stands because I don’t want to fight her in an empty arena. “

As a reminder, Amanda Nunes will defend her featherweight title against Megan Anderson on December 12 at UFC 256 in Las Vegas.

Tony Ferguson: “No one should get more than me, except McGregor»

The third number of the UFC lightweight rating Tony Ferguson, who suffered a crushing defeat from Justin Gaitji in the previous fight, is convinced not only that he is worthy of a fight for the title, but also believes that he should become the highest-paid fighter in the division, not counting Conor McGregor.

“Don’t pay anyone more than me,” Ferguson told Submission Radio. “If you pay more to Conor, I’ll understand that. But everyone else can’t get more than me, especially newcomers like Chandler»

“I have earned this right. I’ve been here since the beginning. I earned it by going through Fuel TV, Spike TV, FOX, ESPN, and losing sponsors because of the Reebok contract. I went all the way with them, from being a real humble guy to a tough ass, and they have a duty to reward a genius like me».

According to the UFC plan, Tony Ferguson should meet former Bellator champion Michael Chandler in the next fight, however, the veteran of the largest MMA promotion made it clear that he expects to fight Dustin Porier for the UFC title, which will become vacant due to the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Michael Bisping: “When Khabib looks at the sky, he sees the stars, and Jones is a huge blot on his career»

Former UFC Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, believes that Jon Jones can not claim the title of the greatest fighter of all time, because he has repeatedly become involved in doping scandals and was caught on the use of anabolic steroids.

“When Khabib looks up at the sky, he sees stars, and Jon Jones doesn’t see stars – he sees a huge blot the size of the Universe on his career,” Bisping said in the next edition of the MMA today podcast. “George Saint-pyerr, Henry Cejudo, Demetrius Johnson, I see a lot of stars, while Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are on another planet, and instead of stars I look at the stain on his career, merging in one huge stain”

According to the British, Russian lightweight can rightfully claim the title of greatest fighter of all time.

“The greatest of all time – Khabib or George St. Pierre? In my opinion, this is Khabib. He went to the top, he’s undefeated, only lost two rounds in his entire career, and I don’t think we’ll see him again in battle”

Recall that last weekend, Khabib Nurmagomedov has combined acting and interim titles in the UFC lightweight division, finishing a triangle choke in the second round of the Justin Haiti, after which he announced his resignation.

The fight between Islam Makhachev and Rafael Dos Anjos is back in force

The lightweight bout between Islam Makhachev and Rafael Dos Anjos, canceled due to the Brazilian’s positive test for coronavirus, will take place three weeks later than originally planned.

Informed sources close to the situation report that the Russian-Brazilian confrontation has added to the card of the UFC Fight Night 182 tournament, which will be held on November 14 in Las Vegas. This explains why Islam Makhachev left Khabib Nurmagomedov’s training camp in a hurry, not waiting for his fight against Justin Geitzhi.

Former UFC lightweight champion, Rafael DOS Anjos, has competed in the Welterweight division for the past three years, where he has had eight fights, winning four and losing four. The 35-year-old Brazilian is currently on a two-game losing streak, losing via unanimous decisions to Michael Chiesa and Leon Edwards.

29-year-old Islam Makhachev leads a series of six wins, in the last match he won by unanimous decision against Davey Ramos.

Michael Chandler explained his refusal to fight Islam Makhachev

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler didn’t think that his refusal to fight Islam Makhachev would offend the Russian fighter’s fans so much.

The American, who previously said that he did not know Makhachev, claims that his words were misinterpreted.

“My answer is no,” Chandler is quoted as saying by MMAjunkie. “Now we are talking about the next step, so the ship sailed anyway. If I was ready to do something like this, it was for the sake of a fight with Tony Ferguson. At this point, I’m not going to change course and take the fight on short notice. But my words were misinterpreted, so people continue to attack me from all sides»

“When I say ‘people’, I mean Russians and Dagestanis, all those who are on Khabib’s train – there are millions of them, and they continue to press me, call me a chicken and a coward, although I did not sign a contract for the fight, and I was not going to change my opponent, my plan, and everything else in two weeks. Now I am a reserve participant in the title fight, and I am preparing my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit for the next step»

We will remind that Michael Chandler is a reserve participant in the unification match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaitzy, who will headline the UFC 254 tournament in Abu Dhabi on October 24.

As for Islam Makhachev, he left the United Arab Emirates and flew to the United States, where he will hold his next fight before the end of the year. Sources say that the Russian’s opponent may still be Rafael DOS Anjos, whose fight broke down after the Brazilian passed a positive test for coronavirus.

Zhalgas Zhumagulov learned the name of the next opponent in the UFC

Former Fight Nights Global light heavyweight champion Zhalgas Zhumagulov will return to the octagon on November 28 in Las Vegas, and his opponent will be Amir Albazi.

Informed sources close to the situation reported on the organization of the match.

In July, 32-year-old native of Kazakhstan Zhalgas Zhumagulov unsuccessfully debuted in the UFC, losing a unanimous decision to Raulian PAVA. Prior to this, Zhumagulov led a series of four WINS under the FNG banner, in the last two fights he took the upper hand over Tagir Ulanbekov and Ali Bagautinov.

26-year-old representative of Sweden Amir Albazi, on the contrary, in July marked a successful debut in the organization, already in the first round finishing with a triangle choke of Malcolm Gordon.

The head of UFC caught Jon Jones in deception

During a recent altercation with Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones admitted to hiding under a cage from representatives Of the Nevada state athletic Commission to avoid out-of-competition testing for marijuana, and it seems that the former UFC champion’s version is not entirely true.

“They don’t test for marijuana,” UFC President Dana white told reporters in Abu Dhabi. “If he was worried about marijuana, they don’t test for marijuana during pre-testing. If it was an out-of-competition test, he would have passed it without any problems»

“I don’t know anything about it. But if you don’t have a fight scheduled, they don’t check you for marijuana”

Recall that the following dialogue took place between Jones and Adesanya.

Adesanya: “Fun fact! In 2010, I slept under the cage because I didn’t want to waste my energy going home and stayed in the gym until evening training, while Jonathan crawled under the cage to hide from USADA during an out-of-competition doping test. This is a fact, if someone suddenly forgot about it».

Jones: “Brother, you better explain your boob. I was hiding from the Nevada state athletic Commission, not USADA, because I smoked and was afraid of failing the grass test. This is the true truth».

Darren till is ready to fight with Khamzat by Chimaeva

Former contender for the UFC Welterweight title, Darren till, who is ranked sixth in the UFC Middleweight rankings, sees no problems in fighting the rising star of the organization, Khamzat Chimaev, from a fight with which the top fighters in two divisions refuse.

The Briton, who will face number four Jack Hermansson in December, promised to fight the Chechen finisher after the fight with the Norwegian, if necessary at that time.

“Ratings have never mattered in the UFC,” till tweeted. “Khamzat Chimaev, after I destroy the Jack in December if you still experience difficulty in finding an opponent, I’ll introduce you to the big boys, son!”.

We will remind that the duel between Darren Tellam and Jack Hermansson will be the main event of the tournament UFC Fight Night, which will be held on December 5 in Las Vegas.

Michael Chandler has responded to the challenge of Islam Makhachev

Former Bellator lightweight title holder, Michael Chandler, has no plans to take on Islam Makhachev, who challenged him after his opponent, Rafael DOS Anjos, dropped out of the UFC 254 tournament due to a coronavirus infection.

“Many people ask me about the fight with Islam Makhachev, but with all due respect, I do not know who this is,” the American said during a live broadcast on Instagram. “If someone lost an opponent because of the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean that I have to fight with the twelfth number of the rating. I insure the title fight. If my services are not needed, I will beat Tony Ferguson or Dustin Porrier, and within a year I will take the championship belt»

We will remind that Michael Chandler is preparing for the UFC 254 tournament as a reserve participant in the unification match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Geitzhi, who will headline the number event on October 24.

Justin Haiti called the key to defeating Habib Nurmagomedov

UFC lightweight champion, Justin Gaitji, named a combination of factors that will be the key to his victory over the current UFC title holder, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“This is the biggest fight of my life – by far. There is no doubt about it,” the American fighter said during a virtual press conference. “I will not allow external factors to affect my attitude and my preparation. I am confident in myself, and this confidence is growing every day. This has been going on for eight weeks, and we still have three and a half weeks ahead of us. I will be ready to fight like never before».

“My confidence is probably the biggest factor, which, combined with my power and coaching skills, is a dangerous combination. Another factor is hard work, skills, and a bit of luck in the game. Any of us can go to bed. He’s a fool if he thinks that I am not able to send him to sleep. This makes me the most dangerous of all his rivals. He hasn’t met someone like me yet.”

The lightweight unification bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaitji will take place on October 24 at UFC 254 in Abu Dhabi.

The UFC 253 was another financial success of the UFC

The numbered UFC 253 tournament, held on September 26 in Abu Dhabi, was a successful start for the largest MMA promotion that returned to Fight Island.

Resource Yahoo Sports, citing informed sources, reports that the event, the main events of which were the title confrontations in the middle and light heavyweight, sold 700 thousand paid broadcasts, and this is only in the United States, excluding purchases around the world.

Recall that in the main event of the tournament, Israel Adesanya successfully defended the UFC Middleweight title, knocking out Paulo Costa in the second round, and in the co-main event, Jan Blachowicz dealt with Dominic Reyes and won the vacant UFC light heavyweight championship belt.

Having sold 700 thousand paid broadcasts, UFC 253 became one of the most successful events of the current year, equaling the sales of PPV with the UFC 249: Ferguson – Gaitji tournament.

The best sales in 2020 were shown by two events – UFC 251: Usman – Masvidal (1.3 million PPV) and UFC 246: McGregor – Cerrone (1 million PPV). At the same time, the UFC 252: Miocic – Cormier 3 tournament managed to sell only 500 thousand paid broadcasts.

The next numbered event, UFC 254, has all the chances to update the current year’s record, which will headline the lightweight unification bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Geitzhi on October 24.

The former champion of UFC in heavy weight debut in fist fights

Former UFC heavyweight title holder Frank Mir has signed an agreement with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, an organization that specializes in holding Boxing matches without gloves, according to informed sources close to the situation.

There is no definite information about when the heavyweight will make his debut under the organization’s banner, and who will be his opponent.

The 41-year-old Frank Mir has spent the last three fights under the Bellator MMA banner, losing by knockouts to Fedor Emelianenko and Javi Ayala, and winning by unanimous decision against Roy Nelson. Prior to that, Mir competed in the UFC for 15 years, where He held the current UFC heavyweight title from 2004 to 2005, and held the interim championship belt from 2008 to 2009.

John Dodson fired from UFC

The winner of the fourteenth season of TUF and former contender for the UFC light heavyweight title, John Dodson, is no longer a fighter of the largest MMA promotion.

Information about the dismissal of the” Wizard ” from the UFC was confirmed by his Manager Ricky Cottenstett.

“We are looking forward to offers for John,” the MMAFighting Manager is quoted as saying. “John is one hundred percent dedicated to his career, and his fighting skills have not decreased at all»

“John fought with the best fighters in the world in two weight categories, and is still ready to compete with the elite. We are ready to negotiate with any organizations to find John the best home for his future.”

John Dodson made his UFC debut in December 2011, knocking out T. J. Dillashaw in the TUF 14 final, before claiming the Featherweight title twice, both times losing to Demetrius Johnson via unanimous decision.

In 2016, Dodson returned to the Bantamweight division with four wins and five losses. The 35-year-old American had his last fight in August of this year, losing by unanimous decision to Merab Dvalishvili.