The coach of Israel Adesanya denies the information about the match with Paulo Costa and participation in TUF

Yisrael Adesanyi’s trainer, Eugene Bairman, claims that information about the organization of a duel of his ward against Paulo Costa and participation of middleweights in the next season of the Ultimate Fighter does not correspond to reality.

Earlier, Paulo Costa announced the signing of a contract for the title fight, and commentator Joe Rogan said that the top middleweights will soon start shooting in the new season of TUF.

“This probably means that Joe Rogan is not getting information from the most reliable source,” the specialist said in an interview with Submission Radio. “At the moment, we don’t have any specifics about the fight with Paulo Costa. Absolutely nothing. The same can be said about their participation in the next season of the Ultimate Fighter. For the new TUF season to become a reality, a lot of things have to happen. After all, this is a business decision for us. The question is, will this help Yisrael earn more money?»

“If it helps to sell more paid broadcasts, maybe we should try, but there are other stories about the participation of fighters in TUF that say that this is not the most pleasant time. In any case, this is not a matter for discussion at the moment – everything has to go through me, and I can say with confidence that we haven’t discussed it”

We will note that in one of recent interviews the President of UFC, Dana white, reported that before the end of the year Yisrael Adesanya will come to the defense of the title in average weight against Paulo Costa, but did not give any more information on this occasion.

Maxim Grishin is signed to the UFC

Russian light heavyweight Maxim Grishin will make his UFC debut as a heavyweight, and his opponent will be Marcin Tybura.

Informed sources close to the situation report that Grishin will replace the eliminated Alexander Romanov and meet the former m-1 Challenge champion on July 11 at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi. The reasons that made the Moldovan heavyweight refuse to participate in the event are not reported.

36-year-old Maxim Grishin, who played under the banner of the Professional Fighters League for the last two years, has not been defeated for nine matches, in the last match he drew a confrontation with American Jordan Johnson in the quarterfinals of the second season of the PFL.

34-year-old Marcin Tybura in the previous match returned his career to a successful course after two defeats in a row, winning by a unanimous decision of Sergey Spivak. Before that, the native of Poland lost by knockouts to Shamil Abdurahimov and Augusto Sakai.

Dan Hooker: “The Prospect of being the first to beat Khabib is exciting»

The fifth number of the UFC lightweight rating, Dan hooker, who will face the former interim champion of the division, Dustin Porier, this weekend, is sure that the status of the number one contender is at stake in their fight.

“I know that he will come out to fight, and will do the same as I do myself – try to put on a show and finish the fight ahead of schedule,” hooker said in a pre – match interview. “We have never had boring fights with him, and I don’t think anything will change this Saturday».

“The game is changing very quickly, and I think that the winner of our match will become the undisputed number one contender, who will replace Khabib or Justin if one of them is injured, or later meet the winner. I’m going to be in this position, so I remain motivated, despite all the problems associated with the pandemic. I train, I stay hungry, and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity. I’m loaded and ready to fight»

The new Zealand fighter also shared his thoughts about the upcoming unification bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaitzhi, which is expected to take place in September this year.

“I think Khabib is waiting for a competitive fight. I’d say the odds are 50-50. If we need to imagine a fighter who will create problems for Khabib with his cardio, fight defense, and heavy punches, it will be Justin Gaitji. So their chances in this match are equal, and I think this will be the most serious test of Khabib in his entire career»

“Stylistically, we Gaiti better suited to each other – we are two fighters who prefer to exchange blows in a rack, so the prospect of this fight makes me excited, but not the smaller delight causes the opportunity to become the first to beat Habib, because it will leave no doubt who is the best in the world”

Recall that the match between Dan hooker and Dustin Pore heads the UFC on ESPN 12, which will take place on 27 June at the Apex arena in Las Vegas.

Rashid Magomedov assessed the chances of Gilbert burns in the fight with Kamaru Usman

Russian lightweight Rashid Magomedov, who five years ago managed to inflict the first defeat on Gilbert burns, spoke about the fighting qualities of the Brazilian, and also assessed his chances of winning the title fight against the current UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

“He changed weight, became more confident, felt his strength-well done,” Magomedov said in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “Then he, in my opinion, was a debutant when he fought with me. Maybe that’s why his fight didn’t work out. We might have had a different fight now, who knows. Then he started crying, but he is a very emotional person – he also cries after winning. Perhaps that failure was an incentive for him, a motivation. Some defeats give this result”

However, in the upcoming title match, the Russian considers the current champion to be the favorite.

“Kamaru Usman is a very strong guy. They train in the same gym, they already know each other. Usman has a good fight, and physically he is very strong. It is also very inconvenient. But in recent fights, burns has shown that he has a knockout punch, so everything can be there. If kamaru starts translating him, doing his job, I think he will win. If he doesn’t miss a beat. Although he can take a punch. I believe more in kamaru’s victory, I don’t know why. But burns cries when he wins and when he loses – that’s the only reason I want him to win»

Recall that the Welterweight title fight between kamaru Usman and Gilbert burns will be the main event of the UFC 251 tournament, which will be held on July 11 in Abu Dhabi.

UFC fighter dropped out of the fight due to coronavirus

A participant in the preliminary card of the UFC on ESPN 11 tournament, Matt Frevola, dropped out of the upcoming event due to a coronavirus.

At the same time, the fighter himself twice passed a negative test, however, his corner and teammate, UFC Featherweight Billy Quarantillo, showed a positive result for COVID-19.

Despite the fact that Frevola was not found to have an infection, the organization decided to withdraw him from the fight against Frank Camacho, for a fight with which UFC rookie Justin Janes will be released on short notice.

Recall that the main event of the UFC on ESPN 11 tournament, which will take place on June 20 in Las Vegas, will be a bout in the heavyweight division between Curtis Blades and Alexander Volkov.

Merab Dvalishvili’s opponent has changed

Two days before the UFC on ESPN 10 tournament in Las Vegas, the organization’s debutant Gustavo Lopez agreed to replace the eliminated ray Borg in a fight against Merab Dvalishvili.

The replacement was officially announced by UFC representatives. Since Lopez accepts the fight on short notice, the bout will not take place in the lightweight division, but in the intermediate weight category up to 140 pounds.

As for the former contender for the UFC lightweight title, ray Borg, he made it clear that the refusal to fight is related to the health of his son. 29-year-old Merab Dvalishvili leads a series of three victories under the UFC banner, winning by unanimous decisions against Tyrrion Vair, brad Katona and Casey Kinney.

30-year-old Gustavo Lopez had his last fight under the Combate Americas banner, knocking out Joey Ruket in the first round.

Peter Jan: “I didn’t come to take away Aldo’s bread, he’s coming to me»

A contender for the vacant UFC lightweight championship belt, Peter Yan, representing the Russian club Archangel Mikhail, shared his expectations for the upcoming fight with the legendary Brazilian fighter Jose Aldo, which will take place on July 11 at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi.

— The last time you went to the cage was in December.” Any concerns about this?

— I have already had intervals of several months, but I do not see any problems in this. If you train, it’s not a problem. There are examples when guys don’t fight for two years, go out and have great fights. It’s all in the head.

— Did you realize that you are one step away from your dream?

— Yes, I slowly realize that the contract is signed, that the fight has already been announced. Now we hope that all participants will be able to get to the venue of the tournament.

— You will fight on the island. Don’t you worry that there won’t be the necessary infrastructure?

— There is absolutely everything on this island. Formula 1 races were held there. Everything will be at the highest level, as well as everything that takes place in the Emirates. But we don’t really need anything, as long as we have somewhere to study. We can even train outside.

— Is it a problem to perform without an audience?

— While I can’t say what it feels like, I’ll tell you after the fight. I see my goal — I see my goal and I don’t want to think about anything else. Whether the room is full or empty, it doesn’t matter.

  • Sterling has already been named the next contender for the title. Not upset that the fight will be with Aldo, and not with him?

— For me, Aldo is more dangerous in all components than sterling or any other contender. I agreed to this fight without any hesitation. This is a great challenge, an opportunity to Express yourself. Fighting Aldo is one of the higher stages.

— In 2016, you got to the UFC tournament, because Aldo gave you tickets to the tournament. You can say that he infected you with the UFC.

— I wouldn’t say that it was he who infected me with UFC. This is my job. I had a goal to take the ACB belt and conduct a defense, because we were already thinking about the UFC. It is clear that when you train with a person, you only have a positive attitude towards them. But again, I did not come to his weight, I did not come to take away his bread, he comes to me. I would say that this fight is purely a sporting interest. After that, we’ll shake hands, everything will be fine.

— Do you think Sehudo will come back?”

— He’s already gone, everything is clear, the belt is vacant. I would agree to fight with him. Probably, this fight could be called principled. I think that if he came back, I would have a fight with him if he didn’t run away from me again.

UFC President ready to send fighters to fight mass riots

Jon Jones ‘ demonstration on removing paint cans from teenagers so inspired the UFC President that he is ready to send the organization’s fighters to restore order on the streets of American cities.

This was announced by Dana white in the next issue of the podcast ” Steve-O’s Wild Ride!”.

“Did you see how Jon Jones appeared on the streets of Albuquerque at night and took away cans of paint from teenagers?”, – said the head of the organization. “I think the kids peed their pants. I wonder if I should send the other guys to clean up the streets and stop this mess».

Recall that the cause of large-scale mass riots in the United States was the death of 46-year-old black resident of Minneapolis George Floyd, who died of suffocation during police custody.

Vanderlei Silva was hit by a car

MMA legend Vanderlei Silva was injured when his bike collided with a car.

The accident occurred on Wednesday evening in Curitiba, Brazil. According to the Brazilian, who escaped with a broken leg and numerous abrasions, his life was saved by a helmet.

“I could have died if I hadn’t put on a helmet,” the Brazilian newspaper Tribune quoted the “ax Murderer” as saying. “People should be careful in such traffic. It is now very dangerous to ride a Bicycle in Curitiba»

“The driver who hit me stopped and put me in his car. Other people stopped to help me, too. It made me rethink my life. If you ride a Bicycle, use a helmet, because it can save your life».

Note that in 2016, Vanderlei Silva was already involved in a Bicycle accident, but then the driver fled the scene of the accident.

43-year-old Vanderlei Silva had his last fight in mixed martial arts in September 2018, losing by technical knockout to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at the Bellator 206 tournament in San Jose. Last fall, the UFC and PRIDE veteran signed a contract with the BKFC organization specializing in fisticuffs, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the legendary Brazilian did not have time to make his debut under the organization’s banner.

Dana White named the amount that the UFC will lose due to the coronavirus

The UFC President, Dana white, called the amount that the organization will not be counted this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, which does not allow fans to attend the stands.

“The biggest problem of all sports, including our own, is that we can’t make money on tickets,” the UFC chief said at a press conference in Las Vegas. “We will lose more than $ 100 million this year. Much more than 100 million. It was easier to sit down and fold your hands and say, ‘ Let’s wait until this is all over.’ Waiting is a good option for most people, because you can’t sell tickets»

“Why do you think new films are not being released? There are already a lot of movies that can be put on sale, but they are afraid of losing hundreds of millions of dollars if they sell them without rental in theaters. From a financial point of view, it is difficult for everyone, but I continue to move forward. I do not care. I’m ready to go through with it”.

Earlier, the head of the UFC said that fans should not wait for the next few months to return to the octagon Conor McGregor, who is the organization’s record holder for ticket sales and paid broadcasts.

UFC President called the timing of the return of Conor McGregor

The President of UFC, Dana white, answered a question about when former UFC champion in two weight categories and the main star of the organization Conor McGregor will return to the octagon.

According to the head of the largest MMA promotion, fans should hardly expect this in the next few months.

“Barring an absolute miracle and the world is not coming to normal over the next three months, which I highly doubt, I don’t think Conor McGregor will fight”, – said the head of the organization to journalists at the press conference for the UFC on ESPN 9. “As soon as it started, I tried to get ahead of it, and every time I thought I did, the next day the world was again changing. I’m not going to sit back and claim that everything is going back to normal, because I have no idea what will happen in 30 days»

“I’m in the same boat with everyone. I just try to think a few moves ahead and act aggressively-aggressively, but with intelligence. I strongly doubt that McGregor will agree to a lower fee than usual, and I am already besieged by guys who demand more money for the fight. Obviously, they don’t watch the news, and they don’t know that we have a pandemic. It’s not their problem”

Earlier, Dana white said that Conor McGregor can return to the octagon in July and take part in one of the UFC tournaments on Fight Island.

Probably, now everything is going to the fact that Conor McGregor will wait for the result of the unification match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaitzhi, previously scheduled for August-September, and by the end of the year will meet the winner of this confrontation.

The head of the UFC: “I don’t think the fight Jones and Ngandu will be held»

The President of UFC, Dana white, commented on the information about the unsuccessful conclusion of negotiations on a likely fight between the current UFC light heavyweight champion, John Jones, and the second number of the organization’s heavy division, Francis Ngannou.

“Jon Jones vs Francis Ngandu? Obviously, this is a fight that people would like to see, and these guys have already said a lot to each other, but I don’t think it will happen. I don’t see that this fight will become a reality,” ESPN quotes the head of the UFC as saying.

Earlier, Jon Jones reported that he changed his mind about switching to heavyweight, because the organization offered him a standard fee for a fight with Francis Ngannou, refusing to pay the world’s best fighter for a fight against the most dangerous heavyweight of the UFC.

Francis Ngandu: “Cormier for me a more difficult challenge than Miocic»

The second number of the UFC heavyweight rating, Francis Ngannou, supports the idea of Daniel Cormier to deprive Stipe Miocic of the title and play the vacant championship belt in a duel between them.

“I think the UFC needs to do something and organize a title fight,” the Cameroonian said in an interview “I don’t know when the pandemic will end. No disrespect to Stipe, because he is a worthy champion, but the division must move on. The division can no longer be held back, so the UFC must do everything that is necessary. It’s been almost a year since the last title fight, and who knows when the next one will take place if nothing is done”

According to “Predator”, he considers the fight with Daniel Cormier a more serious challenge than the rematch with Stipe Miocic.

“First of all, I will be happy to fight with Cormier. He wanted to finish the trilogy with Miocic and retire, so there was no point in me calling him out, but since he came out and said he wanted to fight me, it would be an honor for me to have this fight. And I’ll walk out of the octagon with my hand up»

“To be honest, I am more confident in a rematch with Stipe than in a fight against Cormier. I think Cormier is a more difficult challenge for me than Miocic. I had a fight with Stipe and he couldn’t get me to finish. If it had been D. C., He would have killed me. I was exhausted, I couldn’t move, but Stipe couldn’t finish me. If I fight Stipe again, I will beat him, because now I have more knowledge and skills”

Recall that at the moment, 33-year-old Francis Ngannou leads a series of four wins by knockouts in the first rounds, spending less than three minutes on all opponents.

Oleg Taktarov praised Conor McGregor for a worthy act

Veteran of mixed martial arts Oleg Taktarov commented on the statement of Conor McGregor, who yesterday addressed Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and wished the famous Russian coach a speedy recovery.

“We wish you health and pray for Abdulmanap, who, unfortunately, is now hard,” Taktarov said on Instagram. “I hope everything will be fine. And once again we will see how strong people in difficult times show their inner decency, which was so high – it was visible. I am now talking about Conor McGregor, who first of all wished all the best and said that he was praying for the health of Abdulmanap. Good people are good people, and any de* * * o can now wish the coronavirus on Conor, or someone else».

Recall that the father and coach of the current UFC champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, is rumored to be in a serious condition in one of the Moscow military hospitals due to heart complications after pneumonia.

Glover Teixeira: “Apologized to Smith after seeing him give his tooth to the referee»

The headliner of the UFC Fight Night 171 tournament, Glover Teixeira, explained why he decided to apologize to his opponent Anthony Smith right during the fight.

“I knew that his face was hurting because I was hitting him, and now my hand is hurting myself,” MMA Junkie quoted the Brazilian as saying. “I knew he was in pain and I saw him give his tooth to the referee. He said to the referee, ‘here’s my tooth,’ and I apologized to him, ‘ Hey, man, I’m sorry, but this is part of the job.’ And he told me, ‘what is, is’»

We will remind that the light heavyweight bout ended with Glover Teixeira’s victory by technical knockout in the fifth round, and Anthony Smith was diagnosed with a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, a dissection, and in addition, the fighter lost two teeth after the match.

Reaction of the UFC and the Athletic Commission to the infection of the fighter with a coronavirus

It seems that the management of the largest MMA promotion intends to hold the UFC 249 tournament at all costs, even though one of the fighters passed a positive test for coronavirus and could infect other participants of the show.

The Florida state athletic Commission, which regulates the event, also does not consider Ronaldo “Jacare” Sousa’s positive test a reason to cancel the event.

“I just spoke with an employee of the Florida state Athletic Commission who said that they don’t see any problems with holding the UFC 249 tournament, despite the positive test. He said Jacare reported contact with an infected relative and was isolated on arrival until the test results came in. ‘The system worked,’ he said, ” tweeted Las Vegas Review Journal sports columnist Adam hill.

As for the UFC representatives, they do not claim that Jacare was isolated, but they do not doubt the effectiveness of their security protocols.

“Since their arrival, Souza and his team have followed UFC safety protocols, including wearing personal protective equipment, and maintaining social distance and self-isolation whenever possible,” the UFC statement reads. “There were no other positive tests among the participants of the UFC 249 tournament, which indicates the effectiveness of our security measures. The UFC 249 tournament, the main event of which will be a fight for the interim UFC lightweight title between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaitji, remains in force and will consist of eleven fights».

It is not reported why Jacare Souza appeared at the official weigh-in and face-to-face confrontation, where, judging by the available photos and videos, he contacted not only other participants, but also the President of the UFC.

Recall that a positive test for the coronavirus was passed not only by the Brazilian, who was supposed to fight Uriah Hall during the UFC 249 tournament, but also by two members of his team.

Oscar De La Hoya spoke about holding UFC tournaments during the pandemic

Despite a hostile relationship with Dana white, the head of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya pays tribute to the UFC President, who did everything possible and impossible to save his organization during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I respect Dan white and give him credit,” the legendary boxer said in an interview with CBS Sports. “We had our differences with him. When I wanted to become a promoter in MMA, I organized a fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. It was a huge success. I tried it out and found out what it is. It was a great experience because I love MMA».

“Then Dana criticized me and made fun of everything I did. And you know what? Dana does a phenomenal job protecting his sport, and he does it with scale. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s really good at it. I give him credit»

Recall that the largest MMA promotion will resume its activities on may 9 with the UFC 249 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, and then within a week will hold two more events there, scheduled for may 13 and 16.

Paulo Costa plans to become the UFC champion in two weight categories

Paulo Costa plans to become the UFC champion in two weight categories
Although his bout against Yisrael Adesanya is still not officially announced, Paulo Costa believes that the UFC Middleweight title will not be the only big trophy in his collection.

“I believe that I can pick up two titles, in the Middleweight and light heavyweight division,” the Brazilian said in an interview with MMA Junkie. “I’m sure of it. I’m a big guy and it’s pretty hard for me to do 185 pounds, so I think I can bring my country two championship belts»

“My plan is to move to light heavyweight as quickly as possible, right after my next fight, if possible. A lot of it will depend on whether the light heavyweight division will still have big names like Jon Jones or not, but I’m not afraid to fight the big guys”

The current UFC Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, plans to meet Jon Jones only after clearing the division, but Costa has no long-term plans in the Middleweight category.

“This skinny Adesanya challenged John Jones, but when Jones accepted it, he stated that he needed two years to prepare. To challenge and then turn on the back is a disgrace. I’m not like that. I’m ready, and if I want to fight in the light heavyweight division, I can do it. So I believe that after I take the title away from Adesanya, I will get a title chance in the light heavyweight category».